4 Signs That Your Drains Need Cleaning by Professionals


Regularly cleaning your drains is essential to maintain the health of a drainage system. This is why we advise property owners to get regular preventative cleaning solutions. In order to avoid the hassle and potential disaster that blockages cause. However, not many property owners know the importance of preventative maintenance. Therefore, they only contact a drain professional when there is an issue. Knowing the signs that your drains need cleaning can help mitigate a larger drain problem. As you can contact a drain specialist before the problem escalates. So, if you notice any of the following 4 signs in your home or business – your drains need cleaning.

1. Slow Drainage Indicates that the Drains Need Cleaning

Slow drainage is an issue that requires a professional drain specialist to resolve. Drains do not become sluggish for no reason. Something must be reducing the flow of water. And that something is typically a blockage of some kind. If you do not know the cause of the blockage, seek professional help. Do not attempt to use a home cleaning remedy. As you could cause more harm than good. Additionally, do not attempt to wait it out. The blockage will not fix itself over time. In fact, the opposite is true. The blockage will get worse.

2. Gurgling Noises

Pay attention to the noises that your drains emit. If you notice a strange noise – such as a gurgling or bubbling – then it is time for a professional drain cleaning solution. Gurgling noises within the pipes indicates that there is a blockage present. Something clogging the pipes is preventing the water from flowing freely. This results in trapped air which is the cause of the gurgling noise. The moment you hear this noise, contact a professional drain cleaning expert. Especially if the noise is coming from the toilet. As leaving it untreated will result in an overflow of water. And considering that toilet water contains multiple disease causing pathogens, you need to avoid this happpening.

3. Strange Smells

Noticing any strange smells coming from your drainage system? If so, then you need your drain cleaned as soon as possible. Strange smells come from a build up of waste debris in the drain pipe. The waste is slowly rotting. Hence the smell. If left, the smell will get worse over time.

4. Recurrent Clogs Indicates that the Drains Need Cleaning

Frequent clogging is not just an annoyance. It is a red flag that there is something more sinister wrong with a drainage system. And more often than not, it is a sign that your drains need cleaning. If you expereince more than two clogs within a month, it is time to contact a professional. As they can provide an inspection. And then advice you on the best course of action.

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