3 Expert Tips to Prevent a Blocked Drain in a Home or Business


A blocked drain is a very common problem. In fact, we deal will literally hundreds of blocked drains per week. However, despite how common it is, it is still a headache that no property owner would wish for. Blocked drains cause clogs, foul smells, and even water backing up or pooling. Did you know that many causes of blocked drains are preventable? Here are 3 ways you could prevent a drain-blocking issue in your home or business.

1. Monitor what goes down a drain pipe

Disposing of inappropriate materials down a drain is the main cause of drain blockages. But it is a cause that is easily avoidable. In order to avoid a blockage, it is essential to monitor the type of waste that goes down the drain. And be sure to never put the following drain-blocking materials down a drain.

Firstly, food debris and grease block pipes. However, using a drain screen prevents food residue from going down the drain. And disposing of grease in a bin means it will not solidify in the pipes. Therefore avoiding a major blockage. Secondly, flushing excess tissue, wipes, cotton wool, or any other materials down a toilet will cause a drain blockage. Eliminate the risk of a potential blockage by disposing of these materials in a bin, rather than a toilet. And finally, keep outdoor drains free from leaves or garden waste in order to avoid a blockage.

2. Regular drain cleaning prevents a blocked drain

A quick and easy way to prevent a blocked drain in your home or business is to periodically clean the drains. Simply running hot water through the pipes once a week goes a long way in helping to eliminate build-up in the waste pipe. Hot water helps to dissolve any organic matter or fatty substances that have adhered to the pipes. Additionally, it is worth cleaning the water-stopper. Water-stoppers can trap hair and other debris. Therefore, removing and cleaning it is the only way to ensure the trapped debris doesn’t migrate down a drain.

3. Regular drain maintenance prevents a blocked drain

While monitoring waste and weekly home drain cleaning is a good start, in order to truly prevent a blocked drain we would still highly recommend an annual drain inspection. From a professional drain company. A drain inspection will provide a detailed idea of the health of a drainage system. It can tell if there is already damage. Or if you can expect some damage in the future. This allows you to problem-solve before there is an actual problem. And could end up saving you a fortune in repair costs. Following a drain survey, we would recommend a high-pressure drain cleaning solution. This will completely remove all build-up and debris from the drains. Therefore, it is the best preventative solution.

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