Who is Responsible for the Cost of Unblocking Drains?


We have said it before, and we’ll say it again. Drain blockages are one of the more common drain issues that we deal with. There are many causes of blocked drains. For example, putting fats and grease down the drains. Or not properly maintaining a drainage system. It is no wonder that we unblock so many drains every week. And nearly every customer we deal with asks us who is responsible for the cost of unblocking drains. And our answer is always the same – it depends on the location of the blockage.

When are property owners are responsible for the cost of unblocking drains?

So, householders and property owners are solely responsible for their internal plumbing and the private side pipework that leads to the sewer mains. Therefore, the property owner is solely responsible for any blockages, repairs and maintenance required within this pipework. Subsequently, they are responsible for the associated costs.

When would multiple parties be responsible for the cost of unblocking drains?

In some cases, a drain blockage can occur in a drain that services multiple properties. In a situation like this, the ideal scenario is that all residents share the cost between them. However, in our experience, this doesn’t always work out. If some residents are refusing to help with the costs, you can bring them to court under Water Services Legislation.

When would a 3rd party cover the cost?

So, if it has been determined that a drain blockage is on the public wastewater side of the system, then Irish Water are responsible for the cost. As Irish Water is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the public sewer network. Once the affected property does not have a septic tank. Although, they will not reimburse homeowners if they get the drain cleared by a different company. So, make sure to contact them directly. They will send out a drain team and clear the blockage themselves. The lead time is roughly 24 hours.

Are you experiencing a drain blockage?

If you are experiencing this common drain issue, contact Total Drain Cleaning today! We provide expert diagnostic, unblocking and repair services. Call now and our technicians could be with you within an hour.

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