4 Fast and Reliable Drain Cleaning Techniques


Are you constantly dealing with drain clogs? We know how annoying this can be. Don’t worry – we’ve got four quick and efficient drain cleaning techniques that’ll help get them back to working order!

1. The Boiling Water Method for Quick Drain Cleaning

The boiling water method is a simple solution for tackling clogged drains. All it requires is a pot (or two) of boiling water. Carefully pouring boiling water down a blocked drain can help to loosen the clog-causing debris. Especially if it is food debris causing the blockage. The boiling water method is a quick and easy solution. However, it does have a downside. Firstly, boiling water will not clear all blockages. It is useless against hair, soap scum, oil and dirt. And secondly, this method can actually damage PVC pipes and joints. Boiling water can soften and even melt this material. So avoid this method if your drainage system has any PVC pipes. Additionally, it is worth noting that sometimes the boiling water method pushes clogs further into the drains. And makes them significantly harder to remove.

2. Chemical Cleaners

Another option for drain cleaning is the use of chemical cleaners. These are very easy to use. As they come in liquid form. So you simply pour them down the problematic drain. However, chemical drain cleaners are not a one size fits all solution. Before use, be sure to check the label. This will ensure it’s safe for pipes and septic tanks before use. Chemical cleaners typically contain caustic ingredients. Choosing the right one means it will break down fat and grime. Helping your drain flow freely again. And using the wrong one could cause serious damage to a drainage system. Resulting in costly and time-consuming drain repairs. And no matter what cleaner you use, just be careful not to leave it on too long. As it could damage plumbing and corrode pipes. Additionally, never, ever use a chemical cleaner to clear a clogged toilet!

3. Drain Snake

A drain snake is an effective tool for resolving small blockages. Although, as it works by pulling out the clogs, it can only resolve certain blockages. For example, hair. Using a drain snake is fairly straightforward. Simply insert the tool into the clogged drain. The flexible cable will easily manoeuvre through the pipes until it comes to the blockage. At that point, the blockage will snag on the tip of the snake, and you can start pulling it back. Drain snakes are effective at removing small blockages. However, use them carefully. As incorrect use could damage pipes.

4. Professional Drain Cleaning

The final drain cleaning method we want to discuss is our professional solution. Resolving a small drain clog with a home remedy is effective. However, a drain professional is essential to deal with larger drain issues. Especially if the cause of the blockage is unknown. A drain company brings the necessary experience and industrial equipment in order to diagnose and resolve the problem. A professional provides CCTV surveys and high-pressure water jetting. Utilising these services ensures a safe, effective and fast drain cleaning solution. Total Drain Cleaning provides fast and effective drain services in Dublin, Meath, Wicklow & Kildare. And we even provide 24/7 emergency drain unblocking services. Call us today, if you need fast and effective drain cleaning in your home or business.

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