Is it time to Upgrade your Drains? 3 Benefits of Drain Pipe Relining


A healthy drainage system is essential to all properties. However, over time drains take a beating. Factors such as improper waste disposal, lack of drain maintenance and rodents, cause corrosion and erosion. Consequently leading to drain pipe damage. Such as cracks, breaks or tree root intrusion. Once there is damage to a drainage system, repair is essential. To avoid recurrent clogs, bad smells and water backing up. Drain repair can be costly and time-consuming. However, there is a method we use that simplifies the process. So, do you need to upgrade your drains? If so, keep reading to learn why drain relining is the best method available.

1. Upgrade your drains with the most cost-effective method

Drain relining is the most cost-effective method of upgrading your drains. This is because it doesn’t involve digging out or replacing the pipes. Digging costs both time and money. Between equipment rental, the man hours it takes. And the cost of putting the garden back together again. Utilising our drain relining solution avoids all this hassle. Firstly, we use a state-of-the-art camera to identify the exact location of the damage within the drain. Following this, we insert a flexible lining material within the pipe. Covering the damage. Consequently, restoring structural integrity. The cost of relining a pipe is significantly cheaper than buying an entire new pipe.

2. It is non-invasive

Drain relining is a non-invasive method of drain repair because it does not require digging up a property. This method causes minimal disruption to the property owners. Drain pipe excavation can take up to a week. And that’s before replacing the pipe and reburying it. Eliminating the need to excavate reduces the time by more than half. In some cases, relining may only take a day.

3. It is a long-lasting method of upgrading your drains

The final benefit of opting for a drain pipe relining service is that it is a long-lasting method of upgrading your drains. We use a highly durable, corrosion-resistant material when making the new lining material. This ensures a longer lifespan for a drainage system. With proper maintenance, this solution will last years.

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