Total Drain Cleaning Now Provides Tanker Services


Total Drain Cleaning is happy to announce an expansion within our business. We now provide expert tanker services throughout Dublin, Wicklow, Meath & Kildare. Like every other service we provide, we will service both residential and commercial customers. Initially, we are starting with 4 tanker services but we will be adding additional services soon. These are Septic Tank Cleaning, Oil Interceptor Services, Pump Station Cleaning and Wastewater Removal.

Septic Tank Cleaning & Maintenance

Total Drain Cleaning now provides industry-leading septic tank cleaning and maintenance services. A septic tank is an underground chamber through which wastewater flows for basic sewage treatment. Without proper maintenance, septic tanks are prone to leaks. And even ruptures. This is why we always advise maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. This ensures the septic tank maintains functionality. Consequently, alleviating the risk of a leak. Or worse a flood. And ensures you are following Septic Tank Regulations.

Oil Interceptor Tanker Services

Total Drain Cleaning now provides industry-leading oil interceptor cleaning and maintenance services. An oil interceptor is vital on sites where there is oil present. For example in petrol stations or in large industrial areas. An oil interceptor works by trapping running water. And separating it from any potential oil. Thus disposing of the pollutants in a safe manner. Therefore, clean water can re-enter the system. Consequently, alleviating the risk of contamination. Considering how crucial oil interceptors are, it goes without saying that regular cleaning is a must. Build-up happens fast in interceptors. And this can result in flooding and even environmental damage.

Pump Station Cleaning

Total Drain Cleaning now provides industry-leading pump station cleaning services. A pump station essentially moves sewage from one location to another. Pump stations are necessary for lowland areas. Or in areas with excessive underground pipe depth. Installing a pump station in these areas means the wastewater can travel to a higher point so it can flow by gravity. Pump stations require regular cleaning and maintenance in order to operate. Without proper cleaning, the pumps can block or fail. Heavy waste will settle on the base of the tank and eventually block the pumps from removing the waste. Consequently resulting in overflowing manholes.

Wastewater Removal Tanker Services

Total Drain Cleaning now provides fast and effective wastewater removal services. We collect wastewater from domestic homes, commercial businesses, and water treatment plants. We ensure to dispose of wastewater at a licensed facility. And we have the proper licensing to do so. We conduct all our activities in accordance with Waste Management Regulations 1994. And adhere to the local authorities and environmental agencies’ regulations.

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