3 Signs to Identify an Infestation of Rats in Drains


Rat infestations typically start in the drains. As rats live in sewers. As they thrive in wet, humid conditions. However, competition for food is high in the sewers. Due to over-population. Therefore, rats tend to leave the sewers in search of food. And they access private drainage systems in order to do so. They do this by creating or utilising drain damage. So, if you have rats in your home or business, chances are there is damage to your drainage system. Once rats are in the drains, it doesn’t take long for them to gain access to your property. However, knowing the signs of rats in drains can help prevent the infestation from going beyond the drainage system.

1. Rats in Drains Cause Noticeable Noises

Identifying rats in drains is easy if you know what to listen out for. Drains can emit a multitude of strange sounds. However, the type of noise and the timing of the noise can indicate a rat infestation. Listen out for any scratching or squeaking sounds. Pay particular attention at night. As this is when rats are most active. Therefore, this is when you are likely to hear them.

2. Seek Out Urine Odours Near the Drainage System’s Entrance

A rat infestation will cause a distinct odour around the drainage system. This can be easily detected by smell near entrances to plumbing systems. Such as underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks. The smell of a rat’s urine will be strong enough to identify. Even if it has been washed away by water. If you detect an odd smell coming from your drains, be sure to investigate further. In order to confirm a rat infestation.

3. Watch for Droppings or Tracks Around the Drains

Rats exit the drains in order to seek food and shelter. Look for evidence of their presence by finding droppings. Or burrow holes surrounding the drainage system. Both of these indicate a rat infestation. Therefore, it is time to call in a professional in order to eradicate the problem. Following treatment, a professional rat prevention solution is essential. In order to ensure the infestation doesn’t return.

Need Help Identifying Rats in Drains?

Total Drain Cleaning provides a diagnostic service in order to identify if there are rats within a drainage system. In addition to preventative services. Call us today, if you need fast and effective rat control in your home or business.

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