3 Simple Tips to Keep Drains Operating Optimally


Drain issues are annoying at best. And catastrophic at worst. They can cause property owners heartaches and headaches. Not to mention the expense they incur. So, knowing this we always recommend preventing potential drainage problems. So, here are 3 simple tips that will keep drains operating optimally for years to come

1. Always use drain covers to keep drains operating optimally

Many drain issues occur due to blockages. But what causes blockages you ask? Well, a variety of things. Such as hair and food debris. Inadvertently allowing these things to go down a drain can and will cause a drainage problem. Luckily though, you can prevent this by simply utilising a cheap and effective device. A drain cover. Drain covers are cheap and cheerful but do exactly as their name implies. They cover the drain, so as to prevent debris from going down the drain and potentially getting stuck. Ultimately, eliminating the risk of a larger problem.

2. Implement a regular drain cleaning regime

Like anything, regular maintenance can significantly prolong the functionality and lifespan of a drainage system. But how exactly does one maintain their drains? Well, by simply cleaning them regularly you can ward off potential problems. We recommend using a DIY cleaning method at least once a month on all drains. But in order to ensure the drains function optimally, we would advise a professional cleaning once per year. Preventative maintenance is cheaper and less time-consuming than repair. So, ensure to follow this tip!

3. Practice vigilance about what you put in a drain

And our final tip is to practice vigilance when it comes to what is put down the drain. Things such as grease may seem harmless. Especially as it is a liquid. However, it will cause significant damage to a drainage system. Additionally, ensure that only flushable materials are put in the toilet. Avoid flushing sanitary wear, wipes or anything that is not toilet paper to maintain a healthy drainage system.

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