Do you need emergency drain services this Christmas?


This is the very last time of the year that anyone would want to experience any issues with their home. Especially drain issues. Drain issues are not only disruptive, but they can be smelly, cause damage and even cause disease. Many companies do not work over the Christmas period. Meaning it can be a nightmare to get professional help if you are experiencing a drain problem. Total Drain Cleaning however does work over Christmas. While we may not operate at maximum capacity or perform every drain service, we are providing emergency drain services this Christmas. Here are the services we are providing our customers:

1. Emergency drain survey

Total Drain Cleaning is providing emergency drain surveys over the Christmas period. A drain survey is a method of checking a drainage system with a CCTV camera. To identify any blockage or damage that could cause potential issues. The reason we would conduct a survey is if the customer is experiencing recurrent blockages, bad smells, or hearing odd noises within a drainage system.

2. Drain Cleaning

We are still providing emergency drain cleaning over the festive period. A professional drain cleaning may be necessary if you are experiencing a sink or toilet blockage. Especially if the water is backing up or if the blockage reoccurs. To conduct a drain cleaning solution, our technicians snake a high-pressure water jet into the drains and blast them with enough water to clean the lines. A drain cleaning is a highly effective solution for most blockages.

3. Drain Repairs

Finally, we will provide emergency drain repairs this Christmas. However, it is worth noting that we may not provide extensive drain repairs. For example a full excavation of a pipe. We provide minor repairs such as a patch repair.

Do you need emergency drain services this Christmas? If so, call Total Drain Cleaning now!

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