Everything You Need to Know About Our Drain Repair Solutions


Dealing with drain problems is a frustrating and messy experience. Especially if these problems require repairs. Drain repairs can be costly and even invasive. Therefore, they can cause property owners significant stress. Fortunately, Total Drain Cleaning provides an effective drain repair method for any problem. And our expert technicians always endeavour to find the most cost-effective, time-efficient method of repair. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the drain repair solutions we provide.

1. The Drain Patch

A drain patch is the easiest method of drain repair. As it is the least invasive. And most cost-efficient. However, it is only possible to use a patch if the damage is somewhat minimal. For example, patches can repair cracks and fractures. However, for breaks or a collapse, this method isn’t sufficient. Adhering a patch to a crack or fracture is a quick process here at Total Drain Cleaning. Our expert technicians do this several times a day. So, they know exactly how to effectively and efficiently complete this repair.

2. The No-Dig Drain Repair Solution

The no-dig drain repair solution is exactly as it sounds. We repair large cracks or breaks within a drain, without the need to excavate the pipe. We refer to this process as drain relining. And how do we do this, you might ask? Well, by utilising state-of-the-art technology, coupled with years of industry experience. Firstly, we inspect the damage with our CCTV drain survey equipment. Finding the exact location of the damage is imperative. As is having a clear visual of the damage. Once we have this information, we can complete an effective repair. Using fibreglass and resin, we essentially create a new pipe within the broken one. This new pipe seals any and all damage. This solution is applicable to those that have larger breaks with their drainage system. However, it is not possible to utilise this method if the damage is too extensive. Or if the drain collapses.

3. The Full Drain Repair

In the event of a drain collapse, there is only one of our drain repair solutions that can resolve it. And that is a full drain repair. This method requires an excavation. In order to remove the pipe with the damage. And replace it with a new pipe. Unfortunately, a full drain repair solution can be costly. However, if there is a collapse, it is necessary. Luckily, here at Total Drain Cleaning, we provide fast, effective full drain repair services in the least disruptive way possible. Additionally, we keep the costs down as much as possible. Therefore, we are the right company to repair your drains!

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