From Clogs to Cracks: Uncovering the Common Causes of Drain Pipe Damage


Are you dealing with constant drain pipe issues in your home? From clogs to cracks, drain pipe damage can be frustrating and costly to repair. But what exactly causes these problems in the first place? In this article, we will uncover the common causes of drain pipe damage. We will delve into each cause in […]

The Ultimate Guide to Drain Relining: Everything You Need to Know


Are you dealing with recurring drain problems? For example, frequent clogs? This issue is both inconvenient and frustrating. However, drain relining might just be the solution you’ve been looking for. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about drain relining. From what it is and how it works. […]

3 Warning Signs of a Broken Drain Pipe: How to Detect and Prevent Costly Water Damage


Does the state of your drain pipes concern you? Water damage can wreak havoc on your home. And leave you with expensive repairs. Especially if the breakage results in a total drain collapse. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of the warning signs of a broken drain pipe. In this article, we will discuss […]

The Importance of Regular Septic Tank Emptying: A Guide for Homeowners


As a homeowner, it’s easy to forget about the less glamorous aspects of maintaining your property. However, one crucial task is regular septic tank emptying. Septic tanks are an essential component of your home’s plumbing system. They are responsible for treating and disposing of wastewater. Neglecting to have your tank emptied on a regular basis […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Frequent Drain Blockages


Dealing with frequent drain blockages can be a frustrating and messy task. However, by avoiding some common mistakes, you can effectively fix drain blockages. Therefore, keeping your drainage system running smoothly. In this article, we will discuss these mistakes. And provide tips on how to tackle drain blockages effectively. 1. Using Chemical Drain Cleaners to […]

The Benefits of Professional Oil Interceptor Cleaning Services


Maintaining a properly functioning oil interceptor is crucial for businesses that deal with oil and grease waste. Regular cleaning and maintenance of these systems are essential to prevent clogs and ensure smooth operations. Hiring professional cleaning services can offer numerous advantages in keeping your oil interceptor in top condition. 1. Professional Oil Interceptor Cleaning Prevents […]

The Hidden Dangers of Ignoring a Blocked Drain: What You Need to Know


Are you someone who shrugs off a blocked drain? Thinking it’s just a minor inconvenience? Think again. Ignoring a blocked drain can lead to much more than just a slow drain or a foul smell. In fact, it can pose serious dangers to your health and property. From potential water damage to structural issues. A […]

3 Simple Tips to Keep Drains Operating Optimally


Drain issues are annoying at best. And catastrophic at worst. They can cause property owners heartaches and headaches. Not to mention the expense they incur. So, knowing this we always recommend preventing potential drainage problems. So, here are 3 simple tips that will keep drains operating optimally for years to come 1. Always use drain […]

Professional vs DIY Methods Solution for Your Blocked Sink


A blocked sink can be a frustrating and inconvenient problem to deal with. When faced with this issue, many homeowners may consider taking the DIY approach to fix the problem themselves. This may seem like a cost-effective option at first. However, it may not be the best solution in the long run. Professional drain companies […]

Everything You Need to Know About Our Drain Repair Solutions


Dealing with drain problems is a frustrating and messy experience. Especially if these problems require repairs. Drain repairs can be costly and even invasive. Therefore, they can cause property owners significant stress. Fortunately, Total Drain Cleaning provides an effective drain repair method for any problem. And our expert technicians always endeavour to find the most […]

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